RAM Credit Information

Driving the importance of credit information is the mainstay of RAM Credit Information Sdn Bhd (RAMCI), a leading credit reporting agency in Malaysia. RAMCI tasked us to partner them in raising the awareness on the importance of credit information and to drive a call to action for consumers and businesses to obtain and know their credit profiles.

A cohesive PR approach, integrating traditional and digital media platforms, was deployed to reiterate RAMCI’s expertise in delivering accurate credit reports.

Pat-Lin supported RAMCI in many of its ‘firsts’ in the market, which comprised among others, the “i-Score” launch, collaborations with industry partners, among which is the  Trade Credit Pledge movement which advocates prompt payments in the industry, and industry niche benchmark surveys to flesh out consumer credit behaviours and economic outlook for the nation.

We continue to work closely with RAMCI to cement their leadership position in the industry.