Xiao En

We were first appointed to launch Xiao En’s inaugural memorial park in 1996. 16 years later, we were invited to oversee their PR initiatives. We were tasked to position them as a unique bereavement care provider, to generate awareness and acceptance for pre-planning and to drive a “renaissance” of Chinese culture among targeted audience.

Death being a “taboo” topic among Malaysians, the media paved the way for a delicate approach to communicate defined key messages i.e. to influence public perception of death within a sensitive environment. This covered educating the public on unfounded stigmas and taboos.

Apart from encouraging a call to action for pre-planning and preparation for death as a natural cycle of life, our PR efforts entailed platforms to attain knowledge of Chinese culture that was easily understood and within limits of a timeframe. We were also tasked to create their corporate philosophy.

Outcomes generated included media openness on topics “less traveled”. It also raised awareness and education of the evolving funeral industry & its approach from a scientific perspective. Our media familiarisation trip to Hong Kong for the Funeral Expo garnered an in-depth review of the industry and Client.

Overall our PR initiatives enhanced visibility for the company through tangible coverage from a cultural, arts and service-based perspective. There was heightened media interest and among the key ones was a cover story in the notable English media, The Edge.

Recognition for the company’s expertise and experience via profiling of their facilities and adeptness was also achieved. Xiao En attained brand recognition through the Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year CEO Nomination 2009 / Brand Laureate 2010.