Tollyjoy Corporation

Established in 1971, Singapore based Tollyjoy’s expertise lies in the manufacturing and marketing of Baby Care and Mother Care accessories and disposables. Committed to producing safe, durable and reliable products, the company flourished via word-of-mouth recommendations for 40 years.

Pat-Lin Communications, Tollyjoy’s first and current PR partner, was tasked to heighten the brand’s profile among Malaysian media and consumers. We embarked on a sustained media relations engagement platform and angled consumer initiatives to effectively communicate Tollyjoy’s brand proposition.

We developed Tollyjoy’s inaugural website to interact with consumers through related educational and topics of interest. Tollyjoy’s Facebook was grown “organically” and has since established an active online community with over 10,000 niche followers (Jan 2017).

Five years on, Tollyjoy is visible in the media and continues to garner support. Malaysia’s first Baby Day initiated in 2015, was a collaboration between Tollyjoy and OrphanCare Foundation. Receiving notable media coverage and consumer support, it continues to be celebrated to date.