Managing a Social Media Crisis – How To Survive & Emerge Stronger

In recent years, issues related to customer service and product quality have received instant attention and infamy, due to social networking sites and the Internet.

Just one mistake and things can go south very quickly. Whether we like it or not, that’s the reality of doing business today.

We can’t avoid it, but we can be better prepared to manage social media crises before they get out of hand.

Done right, and not only your brand will survive, but you could also win new customers and emerge stronger.

Listen to Conversations

As a brand, it is crucial to keep track of what people are talking about online, especially when it’s related to your brand.

Address the Issue Quickly

When you spot a complaint that could potentially become viral, it’s important to address the issue quickly. Official responses should be timely, and it’s always great to have someone on standby to manage that.

Investigate & Establish Facts

However, if it’s unprecedented or far more complicated, then you’ll need to gather a team, investigate and establish the facts of the case.

Own Up

If it is indeed a mistake on your company’s end, then the best option is to own up to it. Issue a sincere apology, explain how you’ll solve the issue, and outline plans so the situation won’t happen again. Remember to be authentic as people are smart enough to tell if an apology is insincere.

Get Media Training

During crises, it’s helpful if your company’s representatives have sufficient media training. This helps you manage communications with the media and news agencies in order to minimise further damage.

Improve Your Crisis Management Plan

At the end, whatever you’ve learned during the crisis can be used to further improve your crisis management plan. This document is a guideline for future employees in case the issue blows up again.