Annual Company Trip 2017: Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor and Cameron Highlands

To celebrate the 25th anniversary of Pat-Lin Communications, we embarked on a company trip to Kuala Selangor and Cameron Highlands on 18th & 19th August 2017. Normally for our local trips, it would just be a one-day road trip. However, since we are marking a significant milestone, we went the extra mile and enjoyed some of the best experiences that Malaysia can offer.

Beginning Our Journey

We gathered at Phileo Damansara 1 as early as 5:00am to catch a chartered ride at 5:20am. Unsurprisingly, most of us didn’t really sleep the night before in case we overslept. What’s truly amazing is that we still had energy for fun and jokes as soon as we hopped on the van.

After a few missed turns, we finally reached the Sky Mirror jetty at exactly 7:00am, just in time to catch the 20-minute boat ride to the designated location.

Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

Some of us were surprised that the spot for the famed “Sky Mirror” was practically in the Straits of Malacca some 10 km away from the shore. Despite the less-than-ideal cloudy weather, the team had fun with some outlandish poses for photographs. By about 9am, we got back up the boat just moments before the whole area was submerged.

Of course, with a few amateur photographers in our midst, some of us took some rather creative shots while we were there.

Lunch At Gopeng Antique Kopitiam

They say the most difficult questions to answer in the world is “what’s for lunch?” and this time is no different. The whole team whipped out their trusty mobile phones to find a good spot for lunch. Lo and behold, we stumbled upon this cafe with antique decor that easily dates back over a hundred years.

They even have a cabinet with loads of antique items on display, so it feels a bit like a mini-museum. It definitely got some of us – who are old enough – to reminisce the old, mostly-analogue times.

Heading Up To Cameron Highlands

Though we’ve lost count of how many times we’ve had durian feasts in the office, we wouldn’t mind another one and good heavens were our prayers answered! Somewhere along the way in Kampung Raja, there was a man selling durians and coconuts from his Toyota Hilux on the roadside.

They were some of the freshest durians we’ve had so far, so it was worth the pitstop. Besides, it was perhaps a good decision to boost our body heat since we were in Cameron Highlands anyway.

Regardless, any excuse is good excuse when it comes to savouring the King of Fruits!

Our Epic Home For The Day

We finally reached our accommodation at 4:30pm. A Tudor-style, 4-bedroom bungalow built at the turn of the century, this lovely home sits on its own hill with a commanding view of the golf course and the mountains. It’s so huge that with additional mattresses, 15 of us could comfortably sleep in for the night.

As an official welcome, the caretaker Mr Choong prepared steamboat and his signature western menu for dinner. Crafted using the finest and freshest ingredients from Cameron Highlands, the sumptuous dinner is an experience on its own.

Before retiring to bed, a few of us amateur photographers and our young-at-heart finance controller had fun with long-exposure photography.

A Visit To BOH Tea Centre

Have you ever felt at peace with mother nature? That’s how it felt like as we woke up to take in the fresh air to the break of dawn at 6am. The unrivalled serenity and view from the balcony is something to behold.

After breakfast, we took a short ride to the iconic BOH tea plantation at Sungai Palas. There, we went for a quick tour and morning tea at the BOH Tea Centre overlooking the majestic undulating hills of Cameron Highlands.

It quickly and inadvertently turned into a competition of “who’s the shopping queen of PLC” as some of us bought some BOH tea products for friends and family back home. Somehow, a trip to Cameron Highlands without buying home some tea seems rather incomplete.

Heading Home

After a quick stop at the market for some last-minute shopping, we packed and started our journey home but it was not without adventure. The endless twists and turns on the way down was a challenge to some of us, but we’re glad we made it through. We reached Phileo Damansara at about 8pm before proceeding back home.

It was a memorable trip with some wonderful people, and we look forward to more trips in the future.