Internship Write Up by Connor Mitchell – My Time Working For Pat-Lin

Over the last 6 weeks I have had a wonderful experience working with the team at Pat-Lin Communications. Never once did I feel like an intern. Instead I felt like one of the team. Whether it was designing social media posts or assisting in events or cracking jokes with the staff. I felt at home working with the wonderful staff at Pat-Lin. They even sent me home when I fell quite ill and told me to take care of myself.

An Eye-Opening Experience

I even got to experience my first Hari Raya celebration there, thanks to the efforts of Julian, Fadhli and Sara. It was amazing with dancing and delicious food. This has allowed me to get a deeper appreciation for their culture and religion. I have even learned a bit about Hinduism from my supervisor Usha.

What It’s Like Working Here

Not only have the staff been wonderful. I have developed my PR skills enough to give me – a marketer – a broader understanding of the tasks required for a successful PR campaign. Bonus points because I now appreciate the fact that it may be a requirement to write up press releases in different languages. Seriously how do they speak, read and write in three languages??!!! Blows my mind and this inspired me to have a new goal of learning a new language. I mean they even had language lessons for me most days!!

Memorable Events

Whilst I was there working for Pat-Lin, I had the amazing opportunity to assist in 2 events. The first event was held in Air Itam, Penang and involved a lion dance. The deputy health minister of Malaysia also delivered a speech there. That event was extremely exciting but I personally had more fun at the Clean Foods Australia event where I met another minister!!!

A Worthwhile Journey

Setting up the program took 5 months of living hell on my part. This was due to the program organiser and my university. Even with the large financial incentive it was a very hard task to complete. It took a serious toll on me with only getting official final approval 2 days before I had to fly out to Malaysia.

I had thought to myself that because of the amount of work that this program required, no matter how well it went it would not be worth it. Well, the team at Pat-Lin has been successful in proving me wrong. I would go through the 5 months all over again if it means I could come back!!